Why Choose Stewart Devitt?

Mentoring, Training, Learning, and Personal Development

Mentoring support and direction in achieving your training, learning and personal development outcomes by working together to realistically analyse objectives and build a step by step plan for success.

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Work through the steps of; Exploring issues; Developing fresh understanding; Action planning. Stewart will encourage the looking at issues through a clear lens and act as a sounding board, offering non judgemental comment in a confidential environment. Open new doors and build self confidence as you benefit from broadening your skills and knowledge and learning from your own past experiences.
Mentoring is mentee led, meaning that you set the agenda, take control and make the decisions that will suit your well formed objectives.

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Learning and Skills development

Learning and Skills development: Identifying training needs through acknowledging current skills and attributes and matching these against required.

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Desired, skills and attributes to design, implement and evaluate programmes that will work for you

Facilitation available in the areas of,
Communication -
Coaching -
Goal setting -
Handling and adapting to Change -
Leadership and Motivation -
Personal Development for Trainers -

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Personal Development

Personal Development through an Introduction to the benefits of utililising NLP techniques. Developing a greater understanding of how people learn and reflect on what you can do to build and maintain relationships. Widen your perspective and develop the ability to actively listen to all point of views, see situations from different levels and sense how you can best work with a range of people to achieve common goals.